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CNY 2015: Tokyo Part III

I wanted to finish blogging on my Tokyo trip as soon as possible, but was so caught up with the workload. Finally, I don't have to work this weekend, gotta rest a bit before Monday kicks in.

As my previous post saying that I wanted to try Bills badly, as it was highly raved in Tokyo. Bills was actually an Australian brunch restaurant, and it was famous for its pancakes. Queued for an hour to get a seat to try out so called "Must-try-breakfast-in-Tokyo".

I can say this is the best pancakes I've ever tried in my entire life. Seriously, I don't mind to come back for more. But can I cut the queue please? 

After breakfast, straight continue our journey to Asakusa Sensoji temple which is at the West side of Tokyo.

I don't think I need to talk much about this temple, as I don't have much clue about it. But it is one of the tourist area in Tokyo.

Moving on... Tokyo Skytree, where we can go to the top to have a 360 view of Tokyo city. Too bad that day was really misty that we couldn't manage to get up at all.

These are the best pictures I can get at Tokyo Skytree. Then I saw this cute beer, and I do remember we have this in Malaysia. I always wanted to try but didn't manage to. So I just grab one and drink in a winter day.

We were kind of disappointed that didn't manage to get to the top of Skytree, therefore, move forward to Ueno Park. From Asakusa - Skytree - Ueno Park, they seem to be very near, but lots of transits needed. Damn!

I was already in hunger mode. Serious hunger mode. I need ramen so badly. The famous ramen near the place we stayed, and it opens 24/7. I had supper here a few times after every single exhausting day.

They are selling only one type of Ramen, but you can customised based on your preference. Example, on the noodle texture, oiliness, spicyness, etc.

Too bad... this west side of Tokyo does not have delicious food.... =.= I can only grab food from the convenient store. 


They call this as a "push man" who help to push passengers into the train during rush hour. Lol... They are actually station guard to ensure everyone does not cross the line and also send signal to the train driver. Sort of...

The entrance of Ueno park :D

My first time seeing people playing baseball. It was exactly like the ones on TV. But I don't watch Japanese movies. The only ones I watch was the horror ones which was many years back. #ihatehorrormovies I couldn't sleep for nights, because my mind will kept replaying the scenes and I will start to imagine what if... So no horror for me, even though I was always curious.

When I first saw this... I was like "OMG!!!!!!!!!!" *screams!* Yes I love flowers. A LOT! Seeing sakura (cherry blossom) was always in my wish list. 

I never EVER thought that I would see them so soon. As I know they only bloom during end of March or beginning of April. *SCREAMS AGAIN!!!*

Then only I got to know they have plum blossom and cherry blossom. I think both name as sakura? No idea and it doesn't matter. I just simply love them so much... It's like the whole world stops, and nothing else really matters kinda feeling.

This place is like mini Kyoto. One of the signature in Kyoto was the orange bamboo. I shall visit Osaka and Kyoto next time, as it is more cultural compare to Tokyo.

I seriously couldn't express how excited I was. It was like dream comes true :)

I couldn't remember what I did for the rest of the day... But I did had dinner in Muji cafe where they served healthy food, and it was super delicious too. I couldn't stop eating their rice in Japan. It is refillable. I kept refilling the rice as it was hot and soft and just simply delicious that I can just eat plain rice too. 

Fyi, I'm not a rice person. I try to avoid rice if I could. But this has changed me.

Then bought my Laduree cosmetics which cost a bomb. And Burberry blue label too. I couldn't stop shopping. Have tried to control as much as I could, because everything is costing me a bomb, and I still buy them #noregrets #carpediem

On the next day, we went to technology city - Akihabara. Just imagine Lowyat in the whole Bukit Bintang area. It was really an eye opener.

This place are mainly guys area, because of technology. And you can find adult films and cafes here too other than Red Light District in Shinjuku.

I was searching high and low for Tokyo Banana. It was located at Tokyo station and airport only. Tokyo station itself was really big. It was like underground shopping complex cum train station.

Another shopping heaven.

It was strawberry season, and you can see strawberries selling everywhere in the groceries. And they are also having limited edition food and drinks in strawberry and sakura flavours.

One of the things I wanted to try badly was their white strawberries. I know it was really expensive, but still, I do not want to miss this. It costs me RM30 per piece.

I can only afford to have one. It was seriously JUICY SWEET! I really wanted to have MORE if I have more money. It was like heaven in your mouth. So damn good! I never had any strawberries taste like this before. #onlyinJapan

Had our lunch outside the office building where you can chill and see people doing ice-skate at the opposite park. I have no idea why I felt hot on this day and I do not need my wind breaker at all.

So moving on to Roppongi Hills where you can have a clear view of Tokyo Tower.

Have I convinced you to Tokyo yet? Aww... how much I miss this place.

Then went to Ginza. I thought Ginza was a high-end place, however, I find Omotesando was better. The purpose I wanted to come to Ginza was Uniqlo! I think the building has 12 floors. *couldn't recall*

Tokyo was like a shopping heaven. You can shop at every corner. It really can break your bank easily. One of the best places I've been to.

Not only shopping, but also the food, the culture, the people. You just feel comfortably warmed.

Next post, I shall be talking about Odaiba where I can trick my friends on Facebook that I was in New York and Disneyland.


Sunday, March 15

CNY 2015: Tokyo - Part II

On the second day, we decided to go to somewhere around our area which was Harajuku and Shinjuku. Meiji Jingsu Shrine was also nearby.

Most of the things were around the station.

When we first reach the station, we saw this Ultramar booth. This was only available at JR stations which we had no idea earlier. Then, my friend told me that this is for lucky draw purpose. You go to every JR stations (which I think can be more than hundred), then we stamp on each of the villain.

We were there before 10am, where the shops were not open yet. Because we wanted to try the highly raved Australian restaurant, Bills.

Then we saw people queuing everywhere. It seemed kinda crazy and I have no idea why were they waiting for the shops to open. It was not like some new product launching. But I guess their shops close early, which is around 8-9pm, and this place is like shopping heaven, so they created this culture? #justguessing

So here's the place where the restaurant we wanted to go is. It was 9 something, and you can see the queue will be more than 2 hours. So we decided to give up and come another day. Because this shop opens early and we didn't know that.

I kinda like the design of this mall... 

There's a small park in the mall where you can takeaway your Starbucks and chill here.

Morning view of Shinjuku...

So we decided to walk around the neighbourhood...

Every fortunate girl have owned a Barbie in their childhood. And I do admit, I'm one of the fortunates. 

I love the sushi here where the rice is covered by the meat, unlike what I usually eat where the meat just fit nice with the rice #stingy

Then, did some shopping in Jill Stuart which was not available in Malaysia. I do love their packaging here. Japanese really put in effort in the packaging which makes you want to buy for it, which I think it's a dangerous marketing. Somehow, it works for people like me. 


For every purchase, you got a token where you can get a free gift from this "egg machine". It was a mirror pendent. I seriously can just buy anything here, because they were just... calling my wallet #dangerouszone.

After done my shopping, I just sit next to the cafe and have white chocolate mocha, which I think the taste was like super ordinary but cost me about 20 bucks. And I wanted to buy the cup, but it was too expensive to purchase so... Moreover, I have already bought a cup from another shop.

Then, we moved on to Meiji Jingsu Shrine.

Noticing there were a place for you to do hand washing, face washing, etc before entering the temple. This means that you are cleanse before you enter the temple.

Then there this tree where you hang all your wishes. I have also done the same where I wrote my wish and threw into the letter box. 

I was considered lucky enough to watch the traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. I find it is similar to traditional Chinese wedding which I watch from the movies, but Japanese wedding seems more serious than the Chinese version.

I also went in to the temple and did a prayer where you clap, pray, and bow.

Then moving on to Harajuku which is walking distance from the shrine.

Takeshita street was considered youngster street, which you can also call it Harajuku. On Sunday, people will dressed up for cosplay to walk around this area. You don't really see them on normal days. 

It was me on the left holding the camera to shoot this entrance.

It was strawberry season in March. So we went to this Calbee shop which was famous for chips, and ordered the limited edition strawberry flavour topping. It sounds weird, but it was good.

You can see a Line shop here crowded with people. And there's this big Line bear inside. I took picture with the bear, but I have no idea where the picture went. :'(

Next post, I will talk about Sakura... I was really fortunate to see them bloom this early. One of my dreams were to see cherry blossom, and checked! One down from my checklist.


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