Monday, July 27

Colmar Tropicale, French Village Bukit Tinggi

Eat, Sleep, Work, Gym, Coffee, Repeat. Once in awhile, travel, and that includes road trips and getaways. This pretty sums up my current life.

It was a week before the Raya break, thought of going to Bukit Tinggi to relax a bit, as there are too much of bad vibes in the city. So booked a room at the French Village itself and off we go.

I've seen many pictures around few years back, when the French village was still a hit. I wanted to go somewhere chill. Perhaps I put too much expectation to it. First of all, it was not as chill as Genting. Second, it was a really small town.

So brought my sweater and ready to wrap myself into a cocoon. Out of my expectation, it was still as hot as KL, slightly cooler perhaps. Then, checked in to hotel which is Colmar Tropicale itself.

Was very excited once reached there.

At the entrance itself...

There's white swans and black swans... I did not capture any pictures the black swans.

They do remind me of the movie Black Swan by Natalie Portman.

At the signature French Village bridge, which is also the entrance to the French Village (Colmar Tropicale). Collar Tropicale is actually a hotel. You can see from the pictures, the windows and balconies are actually hotel rooms.

Went up to a tower to have a view of the hill...

I forgot to capture the picture of our room. It was a huge room though for a RM200+/night. The deco wasn't too fancy, but it was huge.

I also forgot to take picture of the map. There are a few areas at Bukit Tinggi itself. A little background here. The French Village was actually Berjaya Hill. It is different from the outside world Bukit Tinggi where the residential were.

I went to Japanese Garden and French Village only. I did not go for Flying Fox, Pet Farm, Horse Riding, etc; as I don't find any interest of doing so. Add on to that, there was additional charge for the above.

Japanese Garden...

They do have live band at a scheduled time everyday. I do enjoy live band, very much. If only there is beer. Too bad I couldn't find any here. 

What was in this village was bakery, assorted chicken shop, pasta, Western, and Japanese. You don't really have much choices on food though. Perhaps the delivery of raw materials was pretty tough as it was a usual kind of hill road which was narrow and curvy (forgot what was that word, but never mind).

This pretty much sums up the trip. In my opinion, there was nothing much here. If you are looking for something interesting, this is definitely not a place for you. As I'm a pretty much a lazy person, I prefer trips which don't require much energy. Even myself also feel that a day trip is good enough. A night stay is for people who don't want to have an exhausting return trip.


Tuesday, July 7

Club Med, Cherating

It was a short getaway during the long weekend. Thank God I went during off peak period, when all of us were preparing to go to work, that's when my holiday started. How much I miss this trip. Enjoying the sea breeze, sun bathing, enjoy all the free flow cocktails, eat all you can, and do nothing basically.

It was my first Club Med experience, and I have no idea what to expect, all I know is most of the things are inclusive. So we took about 4 hours drive or less, couldn't really remember, from KL all the way to Cherating. And finally we reached... so hungry and exhausted but dinner is not ready yet, so we went around and go for noodle snack which opens during the non-peak hours for hungry monsters like us.

I didn't took any pictures of the dinner place, it was just usual buffet style dinner. On the first night itself, L told me I will get fat from the amount I eat. And he was right. I gained weight just only for a few days trip *see how easily I can gain weight*

The most anticipated part I wanted to go was the Zen Pool, where we can have the sea view at the pool. It was similar to all the infinity pool, just that usually are facing the city (like the famous Marina Bay Sands), but this was facing the sea.

Look at how fair I was when I just started sun bathing...

Forgot to mention that you can take the shuttle train to this Zen area within 5 mins, or walk within 15 mins. But this Zen pool is a quiet zone, and strictly for adults only. Therefore, it was easily to fell asleep while you are doing sun bathing.

Here is the waiting zone for the shuttle train...

My skin got X tones darker on the first day itself already.

And this Virgin Chi Chi is so damn good.. and after this we went back to our room for a rest before the dinner. As I said earlier, I literally did nothing except for resting, sleeping, and eating.

Lucky girl managed to capture this sunset moment from our balcony itself. It was beautiful... This was captured before our dinner time. 

In Club Med Cherating, they have two types of dinner, buffet style or fine dining. We wanted to go for the fine dining, but didn't knew you need to wake up early and book in advance on the morning itself. So we ended up at the buffet area and saw these kids were having board meetings, so cute right?

So the next day, I woke up early for the fine dining (Rembulan restaurant) reservation, and have their early breakfast, as the day before I went for their late breakfast which I don't have much choices already.

And got this view along the way from the room to the dining area.

Then took the shuttle train back to the Zen area to rest a bit.

And finally, we got to try their fine dine dinner, which I think is the best fine dining taste I've experienced so far. I still miss the food here. Every single piece taste so good, except for the dessert, which I don't quite fancy only. Others were PERFECT.

After the dinner, we had a short walk from the restaurant to the bar area. It was a quiet alley, just the two of us. It was nice but at the same time I was scared, as I'm scared of still dark water where you couldn't see what's in the water. And I have this phobia where there is some big creature in the water *got these illusions from horror movies*

Then we saw a kid went to the bar counter to order her drink, it was so cute. And then we realised there's kids menu. So, asked this guy to do the same, and the effect is so different. Look at the bartender didn't even want to care about him.

The nature view is so amazing here. Look at the moonlight reflection while we were walking back to our room. I'm still fascinated by the sceneries. 

After all the eating, sleeping, enjoying... it's time to head back and face the reality again.

This was light about 2 months back. How time flies. And I don't look the same anymore...


Tuesday, June 9

Experience with Reebonz

Just sharing my experience with Reebonz...

I needed a dinner bag for some time. Been looking high and low for it. I had one, but that wasn't big enough to store my wallet, and I dislike to pouring all my things out from the wallet and transfer to my bag, and at the end of the dinner, I had to transfer bag. This kinda tedious work, I hate the most.

Therefore, went to Reebonz to search for a dinner bag. And also, since my birthday was like 2 weeks away, and decided to get myself one. Sometimes, you just have to pamper yourself, and you don't wait for others to do so for you, because when you expect nothing, there will not be disappointment.

Saw this Tory Burch bag which I find it fulfil my needs. So I just placed an order online, and someone from Reebonz SG called me up to confirm the order with cc details, and that's it. All you have to do next is just wait for your parcel. It's true that you couldn't get to experience the actual product. But somehow, it was cheaper than in the store?

I don't buy branded goods from the store usually. I buy them through friends or when I was in overseas. Call me cheapskate, but I just don't find it necessary to pay extra to get the same product, unless it was really inconvenience for you.

The whole process was completed within a week, I supposed. It took about 2-3 days to reach my doorstep.


Monday, May 18

Cafe Hopping V4 (Klang Valley)

I guess I should have a compilation on the cafes I went to for the past few months. The list is getting longer, and some I couldn't quite remember how they taste like.

Roast and Grind, Section 16 PJ

It was a hidden gem and surrounded by offices. I went there during the weekend morning, there wasn't any crowd at that area. It was rather quiet. I love the hot sandwich, I couldn't remember what I have ordered. But It was awesome.
Highly Recommended!

If I'm not wrong, this is a halal cafe serving good food with affordable price. There is nothing much special about the food, but it was descent, and the price is reasonable, considered cheaper than the ordinary cafes.

This was opened by Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide). It was the first branch in Malaysia. I've tried the burger, I think the patty was a little dry, but overall was not bad though. Would still prefer juicier patty. Perhaps I should try their signature dish next time. 
It was okay...

I hear good reviews from my friends on the restaurant. It was not located the usual F&B area in Publika, but facing the main roads. I tried some of the dishes, and thinking the food was pretty descent. Love their pasta, it was creamy enough.

Wondermama X, Avenue K

The food here was pretty unique. It was a mixture of Western and Asian. Somehow it doesn't taste that weird though. It is pretty much similar with Simply D, which they focus mainly on pastas. But I find Simply D portion was rather small and their taste was pretty  inconsistent, whereas Wondermama is far better but the price is pricier compare to Simply D. And comparing Wondermama with Serai, I would still prefer Serai for fusion food with Malaysian flavour.
It was okay...

Raku Pizza, SS15 Subang Jaya
Sorry I couldn't find their Facebook page. It was same row as McDonalds at SS15 Subang Jaya. They have this thin crust pizza personal size which you can't feel anything after eating, and wanted more. The pizza was good with Japanese flavour. But somehow, I just find it wasn't filling enough for me.
Not Bad...

Favourites Waffle, SS15 Subang Jaya
Few doors away from Raku Pizza, we had our waffles here. Ordered both signature waffle (fruits) and crunchy peanut butter waffle. I personally prefer the peanut butter one. They are using Belgium waffle with generous amount of crunchy peanut butter, and it was tasted heavenly. As for the fruits waffle, I would still prefer the one in Meltz Cafe which I mentioned before in *searching Cafe Hop posts* Ok, no where before, I shall mentioned it here.

Meltz Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya

Love their salted caramel version of fruit waffle. The waffle is crunchy enough, even though with the ice cream on top of it. It does not soak or make the waffle to become soggy. I'm more of a Belgium waffle fan, but this is too good. I shall have a post on waffle soon... which God knows when.
Highly recommended!

Purple Pasta, Oasis Ara Damansara
I wanted to come here for a cup of purple sugar coffee. They have changed their menu, and do not have the purple sugar. I'm not sure the waitress doesn't understand what I'm trying to say, or they really don't have it anymore. Anyways, they have this very economical RM5 pasta, which I think the price is pretty cheap for a plate of pasta, which is the same price as Little Fat Duck, which I guess I have forgotten to do a review for it as well, shall have a blog post on food trucks as well... God knows when... Anyways, the economical pasta was normal for me only, however the normal-priced pasta was good.

LSC Sandwich, KLCC
The sandwich here is pretty good. I was working around the area, therefore sometimes I just grab and go whenever my schedule is pretty tight on that day. Love the freshness of the sandwich with the ingredients in it. They are usually cold sandwiches. But I hope the price can be slightly cheaper, as I think it should not cost that much.
It was okay...

FIQs Gastronomy, SS19 Subang Jaya
Another hidden gem in Subang area. I found out this place is where the turn in Federal Highway from KL to Subang when I was heading back home. Then, one day I asked my friend to join me to have dinner here. You need to pass through the guard house to go to this shop. And I think the food here is really good and flavourful. I don't mind to come back here again.
Highly Recommended!

Flingstones Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya
The 'chu yao char' angel hair was so damn awesome! Love love love! The portion was rather small though. I wish the portion can be slightly bigger than it is. And the matcha latte was pretty descent too. Just that for this area, to look for a car park space, it was a mission #ss15problem
Highly Recommended!

TBC Cafe, Kota Kemuning

Came here for a brunch and it was around the neighbourhood. Personally I think there is nothing special about this cafe. But if you are around the neighbourhood, feel free to stop by, as their food was pretty good and filling too.
It was okay...

Encore Patisserie, Taman Bukit Desa

The tarts was superb! Awesome! Especially on the cheese tarts series. I couldn't describe how delicious they are. The coffee was normal for me, but the pastries are just so damn awesome!
Highly recommended!

Yellow Brick Road, Jalan Batai

I think the food here was pretty awesome. Had their egg benedict kinda menu (have forgotten the exact name for it). It was a little salty but overall was really good. It was poached egg with salmon and rosti. The coffee was pretty awesome too. Mind you, this place is really good for picture taking. I had lots!

The Grumpy Cyclist, TTDI

It was a concept cafe, correct me if I'm wrong. But I came here for food and coffee, I find it was ok for me. It doesn't really impressed me much though.
It was okay...

Lorem Ipsum, Damansara Heights
Not sure is it because I have high expectations about this cafe. When I came here, everyone is like working on something, and only my friend and I were came here to chill, ,we felt kinda odd. It was just okay for us.
It was okay...

IsMe Beauty and Cafe, Nu Sentral
I have yet try their food, but I wanted to as their food looks promising. I've tried their signature coffee. If you like something milky, it was really good for you. I love it so much. They have a few branches though. Not to forget, their coffee art was so damn cute!
Highly recommended!

Sangkaya, Damansara Uptown
There was a trend on the coconut ice-cream, and now still is. My opinion on Sangkaya ice-cream is pretty awesome, but of course you can't beat the one in Bangkok. That was still the best. If you have tried the coconut milkshake in Melacca before, you don't think this is good. As the coconut milkshake in Melacca was so much better.
It was okay...

Jaslyn Cakes, Bangsar
One word, so damn good! Serious love for their cakes. I will buy for anyone's birthday if I'm the one who in charge of the cake part. And hopefully I'm not lazy to drive all the way here to get a cake.
Highly Recommended!

Naughty Babe Dirty Duck, Bangsar/Sri Hartamas

I've tried both Naughty Nuri and Naughty Babe pork ribs. I would prefer Naughty Babe. It was much flavourful, portion was bigger, the queue was shorter. Both were good, but Naughty Babe was better I must say.
Highly recommended!

Okonomi, Publika
The food was here pretty good. The signature dish was the matcha lava cake. If you are a green tea lover, you would love it. I will not come here on purpose, just to enjoy the food here. The food was pretty good, but there are better Japanese restaurants out there.

103 Coffee Workshop, Sri Petaling
It was crowded and packed. I'm not sure is it because this shop is in trend now or what. But the food here seems pretty normal. Nothing much to rave about. It was good but normal. The rose latte was good too, but I would still prefer After Black.

The Porcupine Place, Setiawalk Puchong
The food here was descent, coffee was okay too. Nothing much to write about here.
It was okay...

Good Friends Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya

I like the place here. The food was pretty descent and the place is spacious enough for their customers, the coffee was good too. Furthermore, the price is quite reasonable.
Highly recommended!

Grandeur Gallery Cafe, Kota Kemuning
The place here is pretty relax where you can chill with your friends. The food here was pretty good too, so does the coffee.

Signature At The Roof, Bandar Utama
I was not sure about dinner as I have not try their dinner before, but the brunch was awesome! We ordered different dishes, and all taste real good! Moreover, their service is good as well, just that they have limited drinks that time, many were sold out?
Highly Recommended!


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