Sunday, January 31

Cameron Highland Chill

It was our 365 times 2 day! From a colleague sitting next to me, to being my boyfriend was more than half a decade now.

He said let's get out of this town
Drive out of the city
Away from the crowds

Decided to go Cameron Highland, coz it was like more than a decade since we both been there. Rented this place from Airbnb, I can say I was quite disappointed with this place. This place got a great review, somehow we felt that the price we've paid deserve much more or better.

Ok, never mind. So, L asked me to do some grocery shopping to do cooking. Haha! I've spent almost RM200 just for 3 meals, with a bottle of red wine of course. Then, downloaded some recipe from the net, coz I sucked in cooking. I guess he got a hard time in the future. It's either he send me for cooking class, or he learn how to cook. *evil smile*

When we reached this place, he saw this Dragonball comic, and immediately forgot about me =.=

And here's the overview of the place we stayed...

It was rainy season, it rained the whole day, and we were tired. So decided to stay in to be MK chef. Wanted to go for a hike the next morning to catch sunrise, but then was too lazy to do so and slept through the whole morning.

After checkout, we tour around before we head back home.

Then he got tired of taking pictures... So I decided not to take with him anymore after this...

Some places we have visited:
1. Lavender Garden - Nothing much, can skip
2. Boh Tea Garden - panorama view of the tea garden.
3. Cactus Valley - buy cactus as souvenirs
4. Green View - Lavender ice cream (must try!)

Not sure when we will be back again, as the journey was a pain. About 4 hours journey just to get here, and it was a hill road. If I'm not wrong, it was similar to Fraser's Hill. Or slightly worse.


Maldives Love

When AirAsia introduced 'Fly to Maldives', we were like, ok let's go before we even got the time to research what are the expenses etc etc. We didn't plan to go to Maldives anytime soon, or perhaps not even in our holiday destination yet, as we thought it may be very costly.

Then I quickly apply leave, waited for whole day for my leave to approve, and that cost us additional RM300 each for flight ticket itself =.=

So, once it got approved, we quickly buy the flight ticket and book the hotels. Due to it's a night flight, we just simply book a budget hotel on the airport island and go to Club Med the next day. If I'm not wrong, the concept of Maldives is like one resort one island.

The beach at the airport island. When I show it to my family, they say it looks like Kuantan beach.

And the next morning, we packed our stuff, check out, and rented a bike to ride around the airport island. This place is for the locals, so it looks like clean Sunway Mentari. Somehow, I lost all the videos and photos in my GoPro for that day due to technical issue + human error #yesiwassosad

After that, went back to the airport to the a 20 mins ride speedboat which costing about RM600 per pax to Club Med.

And finally, here we are.

So we went off for our late lunch above the ocean and sipping by the beach, watching beach boys playing volley ball. It was just chillax. Our objective is always about relax and do as less as possible. #lazypeoplegoal

Walking around the beach, watching the sun goes down before the dinner is served.

During the night, we enjoyed the unlimited alcohol at the bar, watching moonlight shining upon the ocean, listening to live bands with the sea breeze through my hair. This is like a paradise to me. I love beach holidays, and when it comes to beach holiday, I just love to eat, sleep, swim, pictures, repeat.  Hence, I grew an inch wider within a few days time. But to L, he kinda get bored the last few days.

Due to there's timezone difference between Malaysia and Maldives, therefore, I couldn't help myself to capture sunrise. It was beautiful. And yes, I love capturing sunrise and sunset.

Then, went off for snookering after breakfast. The coral was super beautiful. Wanted to go diving at first, but then it was out of my budget, so I sort of compromised my bucket list.

Then, we went back to our hotel to dress up for the dinner by the beach.

It was Halloween, and I met Princess Elsa while I was on the way to have my brunch.

This was the best sea I've ever been, seeing all the wildlife in the sea, such as white sharks, piranha, jelly fishes, and many more. But the beach was not the most beautiful beach, as the sand was not that fine.

This was my second experience with Club Med, and I must say, the experience was not as nice as the one I had in Cherating. The staffs in Cherating was way much nicer and they made me feel like going back. Somehow, I feel the staff here kinda having double standard towards Asians #justmythoughts.

Anyway, Maldives is a beautiful country, where they have the most beautiful sea I've ever seen. But when you go to the places where the locals are, it wasn't as beautiful as where the resorts were. If I was given a chance to go back, I would. It was beautiful.

"Sometimes a favorite place is not somewhere but someone 
and when you're with them it doesn't matter where you are."


Monday, September 14

Chill at Fraser's Hill

"He said, let's get out of this town. Drive out of the city, away from the crowd..."

I have never been to Fraser's before, so does Bukit Tinggi earlier. So we have decided to pay a visit. Book an apartment which allows to accommodate four, and off we go for the weekend.

The journey was exhausting. My bf was the one who was driving, but still about 2 hours journey from KL to Fraser, and about an hour hill road. I have no idea when will be my next trip to this place again.

Early in the morning, we went for grocery shopping as we were planning to have steamboat as our dinner there. It was quite late actually. The whole journey was pretty laid back and we were barely able to catch the sunset.

The apartment we rent was pretty well decorated. The equipments were pretty complete. I was impressed. We wanted another apartment which was bigger so we could invite more people to join us. Unfortunately, it was fully booked as it was pretty last minute plan. Therefore, we stick to this homely apartment.

Everyone was tired and hungry, so went up and start boiling for the soup for our steamboat dinner. Due to the lightning was too dark on the balcony, we have decided to have a romantic candle light steamboat dinner. 

I woke up early in the next morning while everyone is still asleep. So decided to walk around the neighbourhood.

The sleeping beauties were still in their bed when I got back. Then decided to cook them breakfast. So as soon as they wake up, we all can enjoy our breakfast without starving.

I've seen the monkeys sign around, but I couldn't see any monkeys for the weekend. Perhaps they were well fed.

Anyhow, one of our checklist is to have a picture with this clock, as it represents Fraser's Hill. 

Basically that's about it.