Monday, September 14

Chill at Fraser's Hill

"He said, let's get out of this town. Drive out of the city, away from the crowd..."

I have never been to Fraser's before, so does Bukit Tinggi earlier. So we have decided to pay a visit. Book an apartment which allows to accommodate four, and off we go for the weekend.

The journey was exhausting. My bf was the one who was driving, but still about 2 hours journey from KL to Fraser, and about an hour hill road. I have no idea when will be my next trip to this place again.

Early in the morning, we went for grocery shopping as we were planning to have steamboat as our dinner there. It was quite late actually. The whole journey was pretty laid back and we were barely able to catch the sunset.

The apartment we rent was pretty well decorated. The equipments were pretty complete. I was impressed. We wanted another apartment which was bigger so we could invite more people to join us. Unfortunately, it was fully booked as it was pretty last minute plan. Therefore, we stick to this homely apartment.

Everyone was tired and hungry, so went up and start boiling for the soup for our steamboat dinner. Due to the lightning was too dark on the balcony, we have decided to have a romantic candle light steamboat dinner. 

I woke up early in the next morning while everyone is still asleep. So decided to walk around the neighbourhood.

The sleeping beauties were still in their bed when I got back. Then decided to cook them breakfast. So as soon as they wake up, we all can enjoy our breakfast without starving.

I've seen the monkeys sign around, but I couldn't see any monkeys for the weekend. Perhaps they were well fed.

Anyhow, one of our checklist is to have a picture with this clock, as it represents Fraser's Hill. 

Basically that's about it.


Tuesday, September 1

Cabinz e-Cottage

Someone sent a message in a group chat, let's go somewhere! We were like ok! Onz! Then, CH suggested Cabinz was value for money as his friends recommended this place to him.

Went for grocery shopping after work together for prepping. And we were so excited that we need to place some of the food back to the tray, as we don't like to waste food :)

We were first very excited, say we have breakfast, blablabla. However, the next day, we were all so lazy to wake up, but still managed to grab our lunch before the shop closed.

It was recommended by my Seremban friend. She recommended the Fried Dirty Noodle, I also been researched about this shop (Dirty Noodle Lukut). And also there was famous Curry Chicken Bread nearby. We didn't have that due to we were all full after the noodles and also we didn't think it was special as many of us have tried it before.

There were three types of noodles: Loh Mee, Fried Mee, Kolok Mee. We ordered all 3, and we think Loh and Fried version were the best.

As usual, in order to go to a place where you can enjoy the nature, the journey wasn't pleasure. So went up to the hill, turning here and there, and we were finally here.

It's recommended to go with a group of friends, because there is nothing much you can do here, but relax and enjoy the nature. We were all suffered without any cellular data for the past 24 hours. It was a challenge for some of us, as we were so used to the internet, and so rely on it. We did survived anyway :)

Seriously, felt so relax here. The view was magnificent. I enjoyed watching sunsets, but it didn't last for long.

After the soak in the pool, having chips while watching sunset, it was the time for BBQ. 

I was the only girl in the group. Therefore, they kinda did everything, and I just focus on taking pictures and some easy peasy tasks.

After all the food and cleaning, it was the time again dipping in the pool and have some cold beer. It wasn't a very good idea then, as we were all freezing in the pool. They should have provided Jacuzzi here for people to enjoy at night.

The breakfast was served in the morning before we checked out. It was simple but descent one.

We were all very bad in time management. Before we came, the shop in Lukut was almost closed, but still managed to try it out. Then, wanted to try out the seafood in Dengkil which was recommended by a friend of mine, but we didn't think we could make it as we have less than an hour before the shop closes.

However, when we reached, the shop was still open. 

This was the famous Sin Kee Seafood Restaurant in Dengkil. We ordered all their famous dishes: Fishball, Chilli Fried Fish, and King Prawn. The prawn was the BESTEST prawn I've tried comparing the ones I had in Klang Valley. I believe I will be back again.

That pretty sums up our trip. Few days later, I had team building in District 21. So I kinda enjoyed a week like this. 

It's been some time since my last shared song... Listening back to Birdy's tracks. I was introduced to Birdy when I was in a cafe with a friend of mine who was into Alternative genre. My late night therapy...

Till next time.


Sunday, August 9

Cafe Hop Part 6 (Klang Valley)

Hillside Cafe, Putra Heights

Been here only once, as they are always closed. I'm not sure was it because the timing issue? Had the carbonara, the service was pretty fast and it was creamy at its taste.

Fishee Coffee, Bukit Jalil

I have no idea why there was such a hype for this cafe. I don't find anything special nor the food was perfect. It was descent but nothing for me to shout.
It was just okay...

League of Captains, Jalan Doraisamy KL

It was somewhere you can just have a cup of coffee with a book to read, or gossip with your girlfriends. They don't serve food, and it was boutique cafe concept. It was nice and cozy.
It was just okay...

Butter + Beans, The Row KL

It was just few doors away from LOC. Yeah, same thing, just coffee and cakes. This place was noisier than LOC.
It was just okay...

The Guac Truck, Foodtruck

Of all the food trucks, I still like Cowboys the most. Cowboys serve better food. The Guac was good as well. They serve really nice Tacos, but the portion was slightly small for the price, wish it could be bigger. Overall, was delicious.

Frisson Coffee Bar, Damansara Uptown

I love The Front Door more than Frisson talking about the bruschetta. Frisson's bruschetta was soft compare to the other bruschetta I've tried. But the ingredients on top of it was delicious. It was something different, but my friend didn't like it.

Every Sundae, Damansara Uptown

As I mentioned in the previous post, Every Sundae and Fat Baby are similar to me, and both are equally good. But in Every Sundae, they allow you to customise your own waffle, which kinda interesting but the price was more on the high side comparing to other ice-cream parlours. The ice-cream was creamily delicious, waffle was crunchy and just perfect pairing with the caramel popcorn.
Highly Recommended!