Sunday, October 26

That Twist

Staring at this blank page, got a lot running in my mind. But I'm no good in putting them into words.

Sometimes, it takes one chance, one incident, to change your whole life. To change the way you think, the way you react. This also means that you have grown. Regardless that one chance, one incident was for better or for worse, but deep down inside, you know you are not the same old innocent you anymore.

Have you ever thought what were you doing last year at this time? It's weird to think how different things were a year ago. And how will you be the next year at this time?

I got into this mood was because I receive a tragic news this morning, where I am more certain that life is so fragile and full of uncertainties.


Saturday, October 25

Welcome Back Yumiko!

I used to involve in student exchange program where I will host a student from overseas first, then I will choose a country and go through all the interviews and get hosted by a family there.

Yumiko is one of the girl who I hosted. She is the only girl who I kept in touch with. Because others got no social network! #soimportanttohaveasocialnetwork

I seriously miss study life. We all have grown up and we all are living in the world of cruelty now.

So I brought her to one of the in-trend restaurants now, The Big Spoon at Setiawalk, Puchong, where you are having cold noodle in a big spoon. It's cute and more chinese style. As I know Boat Noodle is also in-trend, but I cannot stand Thai food much. It is sourish and spicy. Furthermore, my parents and Yumiko are fan of Chinese food. I thought Big Spoon is a better choice.

It was nothing much special other than having a mouthful noodle in a big spoon. BUT, it was still much better than Boat Noodle, more suitable for my tastebud. Just my personal preference :)

So gonna meet you in Japan soon!


Thursday, September 18


Seems the 20 fun facts about self thing is trending on Instagram, decided to do one here.

1. I'm still learning to eat vege, where I'm trying to mix them with something delicious.
2. I got a serious memory problem. I tend to forget things EASILY! #goldfishmemory
3. Loves flowers. Including floral fragrance, floral prints.
4. Love beef and pork.
5. Always need to refill tea, water, or beer, as I drink like a fish.
6. Gets annoyed when people call me atas etc, since I don't find any reason for them to judge how I spend my money or how much I earn.
7. A happy family is my final dream, regardless what the journey is, not an issue.
8. Attracted to men who have good smell, good vocal, loves kids.
9. A serious shopaholic which I need a rehab for it, if there is. Online shopping is addictive.
10. Sleep whenever I have nothing to do, because I hate the feeling of wasting time.
11. Would love to have a simple and elegant garden wedding, where my favourite love song will be played.
12. Love to hang out at places with good live bands instead of club music at the pubs or instrumental music at the cafe.
13. Low self confidence but act like yes. Shy and quiet girl but act like yes.
14. A lazy person, period.
15. Same song can repeat n times for n period. Love emo songs.
16. White and red are my favourite colours. But I don't have many things in these two colours as they are harder to find or get dirty easily.
17. First kiss at 15.
18. Childhood dream guy would be Samurai X Kenshin.
19. Taurus girl. I agree on the being stubborn.
20. Eldest child in the family.

I'm finally done with this challenge. Been in my draft for ages.


Tuesday, September 2

Into the Blue

I usually have midnight thoughts where the fears and insecurities drop by every now and then. Therefore, I tend to avoid them by doing what I'm supposed to do and let time to judge. I'm no longer a teen where time became more and more precious day by day. It just scares me somehow, in another words I'm a person who really lack of confidence and have yet found my long term goal.

I was side-tracked, and lost my direction along the way while growing up. And the pollution from the society where your survival skills always need to be up to date. Then, your dream you set when you were a kid, is so different from the dream you are having right now. It's just a dream. Target, Result, and Goal is much more practical compare to dream.

We live in a generation where we all have to wear masks and play parts to make it through battlefield.

Okay, let's not go to something too serious. Talk about something more personal, closer to heart. If we relate it to relationships, all we wanted is to settle down with someone in the end. And there is always that one ex who changes you, for the good or for the bad. Ideally, we always thought that our first love will be the one who we will go through our lives with, but sad thing is, that's not true for most of us.

It's not about how many times you have fallen, it's all about how many times you rise from your fall.

We don't blame nor envy those who have easier journey than us. All these obstacles are also part of our journey and also lessons for us while growing up, go through it or take a detour, don't just stop moving. You may think you are in a very tough position, but you never know there are thousands or millions of people are much worse than you. Appreciate what you have before everything turn into ashes.

"If one thing I know, I'll fall but I grow
I'm walking down this road of mine, this road that I called home...
...So am I wrong, for thinking that we could be something for real?
Now I am wrong, for trying to reach the things that I can't see?"


Monday, July 14

Mount KK: The Hike

There's two route for beginners to go to the peak: Timpohon and Mesilau. Timpohon route is much shorter and easier. It's more like a jungle trekking all the way, lesser rocky roads, more on wooden big stairs. Whereas Mesilau is 2.2km further journey and also the journey is tougher, due to many rocky roads, roller coaster ups and downs, but it's worth it.

Why? If you plan not to return, I suggest you go Mesilau. Seriously so much better view and double certs. #NoPainNoGain. But this 2.2km extra will make you suffer like nobody else.

And another thing, if you are not well-trained climber. I reckon you have a portal to carry your bag. I didn't do so as I thought I was strong enough to carry my freaking 6kg bag up to the hill. Yes, I made it, but it hurts your stamina so bad on the next day due to my legs muscle is already sore and wanting to rest so badly. 

We were a group of 8. But due to our different pace, we have split ourselves into 3 different groups: The Warrior, Normal, and The Crawler. Haha. Me, of course the normal one which I need to take time to take photos, crawl, as well as take a break whenever I see any pondok around.

Seriously, the view is really breathtaking. I really love this part here where it is 360 panaroma view of Mount KK. It's extremely windy where windbreaker is very much needed because we are same level as the clouds are!

After this, I'm so lazy to take my camera out from my bag. I just wanted to keep going and reach Laban Rata (mid point) where we all can rest and most importantly EAT!

Don't expect much food from your mountain guide because all we have for the whole day was a lunch pack contains sandwich, apple, and a bottle of water. We need so much of energy bars and bread to keep us energised. Not to forget, water too! So if any of you wanted to go, bring lots of food and at least 3 bottles of mineral water. SUPER IMPORTANT!

I don't even bother to take picture at Laban Rata. Basically we were actually crawling up hill. I reached there about 6.30pm. Heard from the guide, usually if we take Timpohon route, by 2pm or 3pm latest we will reach. Honestly, it's worth to take the longer route.

The second day was a torture! Where all the nightmare begin... And also when the stars throughout the darkness...

We have to wake up at 1.30am to have our breakfast before the journey begin. Carry as less thing as possible, and also remember to bring your ID tag, as I forgotten to bring mine. Thank God I'm still able to register using my IC number. According to our guide, the ID tag is very important. I wonder why...

Was freezing. Serious strong wind with RAIN!!! At that moment I start to questioning myself, why am I torturing myself like this. I could have had another vacation where I'm enjoying along the beach, listening to live band, etc.

But my subconscious mind is telling me, let's do this once and for all and never come back! So this words keep repeating in my mind to make me keep moving, keep going forward.

If my HP and mana level is 100% I can do so. But at that moment I was like freezing with low stamina. Some more need to climb using rope with my plastic bag raincoat and the strong wind keep blowing my plastic bag away. GRR!! It made me so frustrated till I really wish that I could fly to the peak!

After all the sloppy hill roads, slippery stones, rope climbing. Finally there is some sweetness over the pain.

p.s. the picture above was actually taken from the top. So it means I'm looking downhill.
Above cloud level!

So this is actually the perfect view to see everything. But we didn't know. And we thought we still need to continue climbing. And the mist started to get stronger. Or should I say already very strong before we got up there.

I wanted to faint when I see mist like this. It's very dangerous and I couldn't get any good shot unless I freeze up there and wait. The wind is freaking strong and was really freaking cold! Imagine you are at an open field where there's cold wind hitting you and it's like less than 5 degree Celsius.

To be honest, I was so touched of myself that I could made it this far. And by far, all 8 of us made it to the peak! Was so proud of ourselves. I had tears of joy while I was on the way to the peak :') But somehow need to wipe it before it became frost.

After a few shots, I was like quickly I wanted to get down so badly. The thing is in order to get good shot I need to take off my glove. The moment I took up my hand freeze like mad. That capture onwards, gloves on. My hands can barely tolerate with the cold.

Finally, we got the most important shot.
Mission accomplished!

Altitude pill is a MUST HAVE. I was surprised and not sure what was the reason behind I did not get any sickness like dizzy, nausea, etc throughout the whole journey. I thought I will be like having nausea or something. But my friends do have the problem. So do take note.

Regardless how tired were we, we still need to get downhill to our base camp asap to catch our van back to our hotel. I seriously miss the hotel bed so damn much.

All of us walking like a crab the next day... It doesn't matter. Most importantly, we celebrate our glory!


Mount KK: Before the Hike

One of the lifetime to-do-list was get to the peak of Mount KK. I'm not a climber, and I got ZERO knowledge about hiking. So screw Himalaya etc. Kota Kinabalu is just fine enough for me.

We were all decided to do some training and have some heads up on hiking before the real thing. But BF and I were too lazy to do so. We rather have our beauty sleep than wake up early to Bukit Saga, Gasing, or whatever.

The day has come...

I felt that we don't have enough time to explore around. Sabah, or KK is actually a very nice place. Chill and relax. When we first touched down, we went to this new mall opposite our hotel where this food court is having a very nice view.

For pricing wise, it's actually similar to KL, and sometimes slightly more expensive. I don't find the food is nice there though. I mean... I will not come here just for food hunting. Perhaps I didn't managed to get to try the yummy food around.

Then walking around the water front near the town...

We dozed off early due to the bus picked us up at 6.30am from our hotel. I got a huge shocked along the journey to the base camp. While the mountain guide was explaining, then talked about IC (identification card). I immediately cannot remember that I have placed my wallet to my backpack. I thought I lost it back in the hotel and never gonna see it again.

And the serious heartache comes, if I couldn't find my wallet. First, I cannot go back to KL. Second, I cannot climb Mount KK. Third, I lost all my money. Forth, this wallet is memorable to me, and I seriously adore it. So I tried my very best to recall, as I remember I placed it somewhere. FALSE ALARM! It was hidden in my own bag. Scare die me!

BF was so scared of me taking care of my important belongings =.=!

Geared up and let the journey begin....


Thursday, June 19

Happy Parents Day

Second Sunday of May and June are Mother's Day and Father's Day. As usual, we will be having a descent meal and call it a day.

For Mother's Day, mom wanted a western meal. There's this new cafe which I wanted to try in SS15 Subang Jaya. We went there for brunch so that we could do some shopping after that.

Basically, the dad finishes all the food. He was the one who complained about the menu, due to lack of choices. He quite like the taste of the food, but it was only average for me, not up to my expectation. As for mom, she wanted fish and chips actually, but she did not specify it previously, so we thought any western will do =.=!

So sweet of the thought of the cafe. They were giving out roses to every mom visited their shop. And it's a big stalk.

So basically the sis was with us virtually since she was out of town for her studies and not able to make it for Mother's Day, same goes to Father's Day. It's ok, they got my company.

We didn't celebrate Father's Day since my dad was out of town, same goes to me. But he did enjoy himself at outstation. So yea, simple and nice is the key.

Love your parents.
We are so busy growing up,
We often forget they are growing old.


Monday, June 16

Taylor Swift Live in KL

Been trying to get her ticket desperately, entering several contest and asked a few friends and couldn't get one. Then I got this mail saying that there's this staff contest in order to win passes to watch Taylor Swift live in KL. The problem is you need to nominate someone in order for that person to get. So I've talked to the potential nominee saying that I want the ticket if my story about you really win.

When I was in the lost of hope the day before the concert held, due to I've checked many of the winner announcement for the contests I've participated. Out of my surprise, I got this mail congratulate us. Not only that, we got the Red Zone :D

Reached there early wanted to check out at the Keds merchandise but couldn't find it :( Ended up taking photo with Taylor........'s cardboard.

My seat is rather near to the stage, I can see her by human eye, but can't really take good pic due to the strong lightning :( Here's go the set list, only thirteen songs, her lucky number 13.

I'm not sure whether I've grown old or tired; I couldn't excite myself much, but still I did enjoy myself by her performance. I find the Youtube version more grand. Lol... Even though she did the same trick for almost every of her performance.

I was quite amazed with the "I Knew You Were Trouble" performance in Youtube previously. But when I watch her live, I can see her change of costume on stage from my seat :P

Due to the bright lightning, I got a lot of these kinda pictures.

It was my first ever concert, excluding the rave, showcases, and celebrity signature events. I expected better actually. But overall it was an amazing performance, perhaps I expected to be more grand like those music awards since she is the Grammy winner :P

"Please don't be in love with someone else,
Please don't have somebody waiting on you..." --Enchanted


Wednesday, June 4

Road Trip: Sekinchan

Road trips are always fun and exhausting. It's a short getaway from the hectic busy city. The bf is a fan of road trips, aside from all his PS games. He will usually do all the planning, so I just get dressed, pack and go. Yay!

Even though I born in the state of paddy field, but I don't really have the image in my memory of seeing such a beautiful green scenery. And I did not edit any of these pictures, fascinating.

To sum it up, there's nothing much we can do here besides date in the paddy field and having seafood beside the river.

There's this mango dessert shop nearby. We didn't stop by there coz was kinda tired and wanted to rush back before midnight, since it's a working day the next day. Gonna get some rest.

Do take note there are many seafood shops around. The one we tried that day wasn't nice, it was just average. There are better ones here.

Can't wait for my next road trip this weekend! And also our next vacay!


Tuesday, May 20

Goodbye First Quarter

The first quarter of my life have pass. Let's just take hundred divide into quarters. Officially a twenty five. Looking at myself in the mirror, I'm actually quite disappointed. I felt like I have wasted many years of my life on searching myself. I don't see any achievement which I'm proud of.

But right now, I'm a changed woman. Many of my friends say that I've changed, and I agree to them too. After going through all the obstacles, I felt like I need a change, a fresh start. At this point, I no longer felt lost like I used to be.

Ever since I started everything all over, I'm much happier and healthier in life balancing. I couldn't imagine how will I turn out if the family and the boyfriend didn't catch me when I fall. They are my everything. Every piece which fall apart are slowly back in place piece by piece, which lightens the weight of the burden day by day.

The best thing in life is to have them by my side each day <3

There goes my thought for being a twenty five. As for celebration, it was perfectly normal, so not gonna talk much about it. Just simple dinner with cake, with love ones, which I much preferred. #peace


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