Sunday, February 15

Cafe Hop v3

I have been cafe hopping lately, which is another interest I'm into currently. I'm posting my latest updates on my Instagram.

There are too many since my last update on the blog. I shall start with the latest ones and also provide their Facebook links for your reference on the operating hours and latest updates :)

Owl Cafe, Bukit Jalil

I'm interested in Rose Latte. For Rose Latte lovers, they have a good presentation for it. It looks so feminine and tasted so good. The food was good as well. Suggest you go at the right time, which don't clash with brunch or tea time, it can get quite crowded.
Highly Recommended!

M Marini Caffe, KLCC

I came here for the Chocolate Sphere which looks very interesting. I'm do love chocolate, but this is too sweet for my liking. I know that you are paying for the environment, but I kinda felt it can be better. And they are just serving normal chocolate with marshmallows and some berries, I'm not about other ingredients in it.

The Optimist Coffee, Ampang Park

I'm working around this area, and I need coffee fix daily. This is quite a good idea where it is located strategically at Ampang Park LRT station which is near Citibank. If you are opt for grab and go coffee, this is a to go. Even though the serving is quite small, but I think the coffee was alright. Not to forget about the quotes they have everyday, on your cup of coffee and so does on their blackboard. Tee-Hee...

The Humble Pie and Co, Section 17 PJ

 I came here for their pies. Even though it is fattening, trust me, it's worth it. Love the Musang pie if you take Durian. Else, you can opt for Banoffee pie which taste equally good as well.

Tryst, SS15 Subang Jaya

My friend recommended me the pancakes here. I'm not really a fan of pancakes, so it was alright for me. But my friend likes it. Furthermore, if you are into Shisha, they do have it outside the cafe.
So so for me...

Jac's on the 8th, Ara Damansara

I quite like the environment, food, and even playlist here. It is not so crowded, it is a good place to hangout. The food and coffee was not bad. Not to say perfect, but overall it is a good cafe. May want to stop by if you are nearby this area.

Meteora Cafe, USJ 9

I like the food here. The pasta, burger, and churros are awesome! Love love. It is a good place for the neighbourhood, and I went there at night, didn't get to try the coffee due to I couldn't take night caffeine.
*I didn't capture the pictures of the food as it doesn't turn out as nice as it taste

Ode Art Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya

Hmm... It is an interesting concept. But it was just alright for me. The coffee and the food. But it was good for picture taking though. Nothing special on the menu. So yea...

Coffee Amo, Jalan Sultan KL

I believe they have 2 branches. One is at Jalan Sultan, and the other is at TTDI. I went to the Jalan Sultan branch. OMG! It was superb! I'm a huge fan of rose latte. So it was perfect for me. Not to forget about the 3D coffee art, serious cute. And the sandwich is good too.
Highly Recommended!

Spezzatura Coffee, Phileo Damansara 1 PJ

It only available on weekdays. It is at the office area, which is good for people who are working there, unlike myself who station in the heart of KL. They brewed their own coffee, which I think it is one of a kind. It is a nice place to hang out. But the sandwich was just so so according to my friends, cause I didn't try it though.
Recommended! for coffee only...

Map's, Bandar Sunway

A nice place to chill out during the weekends, as it is quiet. I don't quite like crowded places because you are always on a rush daily, sometimes you just want to chill and relax. Here is the place to go for Sunway peeps. Nice food, nice ambience, nice coffee.

Brooklyn B Bagel, SS15 Subang Jaya

I like the food here. It was so good. It was my first try on bagel, and you can select your own flavour of bagel. Interesting... I like the garlic one though with salmon and cream cheese. Yummy...

Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley

I actually quite like the ice-cream. Even though some say not worth it. Perhaps nothing so special about it. But it was nice. I went there without queueing, so I say it is worth the try. But just to tell you upfront, nothing so special about it, but the ice-cream is good.

The Front Door Cafe, Jalan Sultan KL

Love love love the toasts! You can select your own toasts and how many pieces you want. Seriously so damn good. But it takes a while for them to serve you the food. So don't go there if you are in a rush.
Highly Recommended!

The recommendations and reviews are all based on my taste bud. You can trust me or not, it is up to you :P #justsaying


Thursday, February 5

Caffeine and I

Coffee, midnight. Not my kinda thing anymore. I'm suffering from sleeping disorder. It's 3 in the morning... Here I am...

Friends been asking me, why am I going to cafes so often lately. I couldn't live without caffeine. I need at least 2 cups a day. The addiction was strong, it's like I need a coffee fix daily. Without it, I felt uncomfortable. But right now, when I'm suffering from sleeping disorder, I realise it is not right and this has to stop.

Why the caffeine addiction? I don't want to have too much alcohol in my order. I used to de-stress by having alcohol as it kinda makes you feel screw today's shit and get it out of your mind, there's still another chunk for you tomorrow. This happens over and over again, till I got so sick and tired. So I thought alcohol is not a good choice for de-stressing as it makes your tummy bloated. Currently, I'm on 'diet', but it kinda became #projectgrowhorizontal. I wanted to be fit, and de-stress at the same time, so I replaced caffeine over alcohol.

It works in the beginning and it's kinda fun where you explore different cafes around the corner. My favourite ones are rose latte and flat white. Then, it started to slim down my wallet so does my bloated tummy; but I'm slowly started to suffer from sleeping disorder where I couldn't get a good sleep when I'm extremely tired. I couldn't get things off my mind. Seriously, mind, why are you so distracting. This feeling does not hit me for a long time.

I have lost the vision in the future. Even though I have plans and it seems to work, they are all risks and sacrifices. I begin afraid to lose. I do not want things I put effort in, just goes down to the drain before I got the chance to get it back up. I know that if I don't make the first move, nothing's gonna happen, but I'm not prepared and willing to lose if things go wrong. #wearesuckerstotheratrace

I have lots of cafe reviews to write about. I shall be writing about it probably another day as they are so much to write about, and probably less visiting in the near future due to sleeping disorder > acne + eyebags > ugly. Seriously couldn't wait for my next holiday. I need a getaway so badly.

One of my addictions... So catchy till my earphones wouldn't want to get off from my ears. Perhaps I'm so into 50 shades lately. Sad thing is, it's not screening in Malaysia. It's good in a way, else half of the movie would be censored.

Forgive if I'm writing something which I don't understand either. My brain is in sleep mode while my fingers are still active. lmao


Sunday, January 18

Now Is The Time

I'm so sick and tired with certain stuff, that explains all the food on my Instagram #releasetension. But I serious need to slow down on that part, due to budget control, and also diet control. Been lacking of workout lately, and my body is so bloated now =.=

Was watching <<I Am Singer>> over the weekend, I was touched by the story and the lyrics. It teared me up badly.

We were too busy to achieve what we wanted, and have neglected what we have

It is normal for human to chase our goals and dreams. Living in this cruel society, we got no better option but to push ourselves, else the society will push us to the cliff where we got no where to run. That is why a balance is needed, which I find myself have yet found that point.

What we have now in our 20s 30s, is people who love us are still with us. But we were too busy and we thought we earn more for a living to provide a better lifestyle to them. Have you ever thought, is that what they really wanted? Or all they ask for is just our time?

After being a slave for the society, I realise, our time is getting lesser. Why? Because we were putting our career as our top priority above any other things around us, which we were somehow forced to. Else, it is not easy to survive in this society, unless you have other backup plans, which I believe many of us from average background do not have that. We need to depends our brains, energy, time to earn what we want the figure to be.

Seriously, I'm clueless how to get things right before it's too late. Because I understand many people are living in regrets, as they will learn to appreciate what they had after they lost them. And I do not want to be that person.

I just wanted to say, if I ever hurt you with my words, I really didn't mean that way. I'm sorry. I really love you. Although many of the times I do not agree what you say, but deep inside I still care a lot. I'm not good in expressing. I'm truly sorry... Time, please slow down...

You forgave me, took care of me, dealt with me when I was rebellious and never ever gave up on me. That love, is always irreplaceable.

時光時光慢些吧 不要再讓你變老了

What's with my ego? stubbornness? Do all these matter?


To the people I love or who love me, why couldn't I think of their happiness instead of trying to make things right? Even though if it's wrong, as long as they are satisfied, the smile on their faces is all that matter, because happiness is contagious.

I love you wholeheartedly.


Sunday, December 21

Jay Chou Opus 2 KL

Been caught up with so many things. The past, the present, and the future. So exhausting. And now my face got patch of dark spot where I was forced to stay at home. Doctor said I need a week downtime, means I have to wear a mask to work tomorrow :(

Jay concert - One word. Awesome-ness! I've been wanting to watch his concert since I was in high school, but was studying that time, where got the cash to buy concert tickets. So, I went to his 签唱会 only. My friend did went to his 无与伦比。#soenvy. 10 years later, here am I.

When you felt excited and enjoyed much his concert. Then you see the Hong Kong version =.= You will be like "wtf, why no in Malaysia?! :'("

I've been addicted and non-stop playing for days with his new song. From the moment I'm awake till the moment to sleep. 


I don't really understand what the lyrics trying to elaborate, until I watch this.

2015 is approaching so quickly. Next year, it's a transformation year for me, as this year I just got myself back on track. I just do my best to achieve my resolution, as the number of age is growing and it will never stop. Sigh...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! Wish you dance happily under the confetti!


Monday, November 24

Sungai Lembing

I was on company's trip to Kuantan for work purpose. However, Kuantan is my hometown and I was informed that there's this rainbow waterfall at Sungai Lembing. So that was our main objective in the whole trip.


Firstly, my cousin said that we need to be there early. It's like 9am early. Ok fine... after hearing this, I don't find it interesting anymore. And was planned to gave up on the trip, since it is about an hour from Kuantan town.

Somehow, after company's event on the previous day, I managed to wake up early, which I was surprised by myself too. So we just go without any hesitation.

I cannot believe we are like jokers throughout the whole trip. Because we were already late, and thought wanted to catch 9am breakfast. So rush all the way there without pump the petrol. And the ef-fing petrol light kept blinking. So we thought was ok, because on the way should have a petrol station.


There was no petrol station anywhere. Like... seriously? So don't care about anything. Breakfast is more important!

I thought we were late because all shops were closed. Then, went to this food court where they have Lembing noodle and Tofu noodle. Guess what? Lembing noodle was only open during weekends. And Tofu Noodle got no more tofu left, because sold out already. After reading so many blogs on what to eat blablabla...

Then, I'm so gonna blame my cousin on this! She said 9am!!! But it was actually supposed to be weekends only! And should be 7am! Serious ko lian... I don't even have the mood to take pics of the food or surroundings anymore. 

The only thing we can do here is syok sendiri... and working very hard, trying our best to get some local souvenirs back. Still, couldn't get any. So just gave up.

In order to "pump" petrol to go back to town, we need to get the 1.5L bottle water of petrol from mini mart. And it looks like this.

I wanted to take a picture on 'how to pump petrol using water bottle'. But I was shy to do so. I feel bad to take picture of someone helping us to pour the petrol. Unless is one of us doing it :P

This reminds me during college days where I don't like to pump petrol at all. And my car always run out of fuel. So I always need to call for help to send the petrol to me. Not only that, I was always the one who cause the jam. I am very sure I was cursed by N drivers + passengers.

On our way back, Jack really wanted to find something to do. Because he find it so wasted came here for nothing. 

Oh... I forgot to mention about the waterfall. We should be there by 6 in the morning! The time I was still in my dream!!! And need to rent the 4x4 car to get there. 

So.. nothing else we can do here. Adios!


Sunday, November 23

Nobu KL

I've heard a lot about this restaurant. It is all around the world. Always saw the celebs celebrate etc etc at their Las Vegas branch on TV. So when I heard this restaurant came to KL, think no more to find an excuse to come here :P

On Leslie's birthday, decided to come here to celebrate, and I did make booking few days in advance. Unfortunately, unable to get a good dinner timing. It was either before 7pm, or after 9pm. So I took the 9pm one, which we do not need to rush all over for a dinner.

Never thought that we would be so hungry before the dinner time, decided to bring the birthday boy to one of my favourite restaurant at Avenue K, Urbean. They serve descent food, especially the Creamy Smoked Salmon Linguine, it cooked at perfection. Glad the birthday boy likes it :)

We were quite filling after this meal, so decided to take a walk before our second round of dinner of the day. Because Nobu was actually the main goal of the day.

Then... Nobu time. It is a very pretty place, where serving fine dine Fusion food.

I'm not a fine dining person. So the waiter was explaining cold dish and hot dish which I don't really understand. Just order whatever meat which seems tempting to us.

This is grilled salmon with different kind of sauce mix together. #sogood

He wanted to have a taste on Wagyu, which is like RM100 per stick :O It was seriously tender and melted on my tongue. #bestbeefever

As you can see the portion is so freaking small, and it's really fine dine. So we decided to have something filling, which you should not order in a fine dine restaurant, the Chicken Teriyaki set, because you can actually get it anywhere.... =.=

But seriously, I never tasted so nice white rice before. I so in love with the rice, and I'm not really a fan of rice. Usually I will eliminate the white rice and have the meat. And this time was the other way round.

The dessert was normal for me. If I knew it was like this,  I might as well order the Black Cod Miso, which looks really nice. It was actually a fish, in short :)

Overall was a descent dinner, and full die us as we had two rounds of dinner. This dinner cost around RM500+ plus tax, so it is consider reasonable for a place like this. But I will not have a return for this if there is no any occasions, because it certainly breaking my bank :'(

Suggest that you book earlier to get a nice timing and seat. I booked a few days ahead which I got 9pm reservation.


Sunday, October 26

That Twist

Staring at this blank page, got a lot running in my mind. But I'm no good in putting them into words.

Sometimes, it takes one chance, one incident, to change your whole life. To change the way you think, the way you react. This also means that you have grown. Regardless that one chance, one incident was for better or for worse, but deep down inside, you know you are not the same old innocent you anymore.

Have you ever thought what were you doing last year at this time? It's weird to think how different things were a year ago. And how will you be the next year at this time?

I got into this mood was because I receive a tragic news this morning, where I am more certain that life is so fragile and full of uncertainties.


Saturday, October 25

Welcome Back Yumiko!

I used to involve in student exchange program where I will host a student from overseas first, then I will choose a country and go through all the interviews and get hosted by a family there.

Yumiko is one of the girl who I hosted. She is the only girl who I kept in touch with. Because others got no social network! #soimportanttohaveasocialnetwork

I seriously miss study life. We all have grown up and we all are living in the world of cruelty now.

So I brought her to one of the in-trend restaurants now, The Big Spoon at Setiawalk, Puchong, where you are having cold noodle in a big spoon. It's cute and more chinese style. As I know Boat Noodle is also in-trend, but I cannot stand Thai food much. It is sourish and spicy. Furthermore, my parents and Yumiko are fan of Chinese food. I thought Big Spoon is a better choice.

It was nothing much special other than having a mouthful noodle in a big spoon. BUT, it was still much better than Boat Noodle, more suitable for my tastebud. Just my personal preference :)

So gonna meet you in Japan soon!


Thursday, September 18


Seems the 20 fun facts about self thing is trending on Instagram, decided to do one here.

1. I'm still learning to eat vege, where I'm trying to mix them with something delicious.
2. I got a serious memory problem. I tend to forget things EASILY! #goldfishmemory
3. Loves flowers. Including floral fragrance, floral prints.
4. Love beef and pork.
5. Always need to refill tea, water, or beer, as I drink like a fish.
6. Gets annoyed when people call me atas etc, since I don't find any reason for them to judge how I spend my money or how much I earn.
7. A happy family is my final dream, regardless what the journey is, not an issue.
8. Attracted to men who have good smell, good vocal, loves kids.
9. A serious shopaholic which I need a rehab for it, if there is. Online shopping is addictive.
10. Sleep whenever I have nothing to do, because I hate the feeling of wasting time.
11. Would love to have a simple and elegant garden wedding, where my favourite love song will be played.
12. Love to hang out at places with good live bands instead of club music at the pubs or instrumental music at the cafe.
13. Low self confidence but act like yes. Shy and quiet girl but act like yes.
14. A lazy person, period.
15. Same song can repeat n times for n period. Love emo songs.
16. White and red are my favourite colours. But I don't have many things in these two colours as they are harder to find or get dirty easily.
17. First kiss at 15.
18. Childhood dream guy would be Samurai X Kenshin.
19. Taurus girl. I agree on the being stubborn.
20. Eldest child in the family.

I'm finally done with this challenge. Been in my draft for ages.


Tuesday, September 2

Into the Blue

I usually have midnight thoughts where the fears and insecurities drop by every now and then. Therefore, I tend to avoid them by doing what I'm supposed to do and let time to judge. I'm no longer a teen where time became more and more precious day by day. It just scares me somehow, in another words I'm a person who really lack of confidence and have yet found my long term goal.

I was side-tracked, and lost my direction along the way while growing up. And the pollution from the society where your survival skills always need to be up to date. Then, your dream you set when you were a kid, is so different from the dream you are having right now. It's just a dream. Target, Result, and Goal is much more practical compare to dream.

We live in a generation where we all have to wear masks and play parts to make it through battlefield.

Okay, let's not go to something too serious. Talk about something more personal, closer to heart. If we relate it to relationships, all we wanted is to settle down with someone in the end. And there is always that one ex who changes you, for the good or for the bad. Ideally, we always thought that our first love will be the one who we will go through our lives with, but sad thing is, that's not true for most of us.

It's not about how many times you have fallen, it's all about how many times you rise from your fall.

We don't blame nor envy those who have easier journey than us. All these obstacles are also part of our journey and also lessons for us while growing up, go through it or take a detour, don't just stop moving. You may think you are in a very tough position, but you never know there are thousands or millions of people are much worse than you. Appreciate what you have before everything turn into ashes.

"If one thing I know, I'll fall but I grow
I'm walking down this road of mine, this road that I called home...
...So am I wrong, for thinking that we could be something for real?
Now I am wrong, for trying to reach the things that I can't see?"


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