Sunday, August 9

Cafe Hop Part 6 (Klang Valley)

Hillside Cafe, Putra Heights

Been here only once, as they are always closed. I'm not sure was it because the timing issue? Had the carbonara, the service was pretty fast and it was creamy at its taste.

Fishee Coffee, Bukit Jalil

I have no idea why there was such a hype for this cafe. I don't find anything special nor the food was perfect. It was descent but nothing for me to shout.
It was just okay...

League of Captains, Jalan Doraisamy KL

It was somewhere you can just have a cup of coffee with a book to read, or gossip with your girlfriends. They don't serve food, and it was boutique cafe concept. It was nice and cozy.
It was just okay...

Butter + Beans, The Row KL

It was just few doors away from LOC. Yeah, same thing, just coffee and cakes. This place was noisier than LOC.
It was just okay...

The Guac Truck, Foodtruck

Of all the food trucks, I still like Cowboys the most. Cowboys serve better food. The Guac was good as well. They serve really nice Tacos, but the portion was slightly small for the price, wish it could be bigger. Overall, was delicious.

Frisson Coffee Bar, Damansara Uptown

I love The Front Door more than Frisson talking about the bruschetta. Frisson's bruschetta was soft compare to the other bruschetta I've tried. But the ingredients on top of it was delicious. It was something different, but my friend didn't like it.

Every Sundae, Damansara Uptown

As I mentioned in the previous post, Every Sundae and Fat Baby are similar to me, and both are equally good. But in Every Sundae, they allow you to customise your own waffle, which kinda interesting but the price was more on the high side comparing to other ice-cream parlours. The ice-cream was creamily delicious, waffle was crunchy and just perfect pairing with the caramel popcorn.
Highly Recommended!


Cafe Hopping v5 (Klang Valley)

Dal Komm Coffee, KLCC

It was just walking distance from my office to grab a cup of Korean latte and some desserts for sweet tooth like me. It was more on the sweet side comparing to the usual cafes. I ordered Sweet Potato Latte and Apple Crumble, they were delicious and filling too.

RGB and The Bean Hive, Jalan Damai KL
If you are opt for vegan food, this is a good place for you. They serve only healthy vegan food. I have a strong taste bud and I was a carnivore, but I do enjoy having this. It was not as perfect as myBurgerLab of course, but this is surely much healthier than your usual food intake.

FatBaby Ice Cream, SS15 Subang Jaya
I love ice-cream so much. And I will just grab one if the heat is rising. Fat baby is a ice-cream parlour   where serving their homemade flavours. Of course, if you are comparing with Inside Scoop or Last Polka, FatBaby does not have much unique/localised flavours such as The Tarik, Durian, etc. It is similar to Ciel Dieco (if I spell it correctly). My favourite was the Blueberry Cheesecake. The moment you enter to the shop, you can smell the delicious buttery waffle. The waffle here is crunchy and awesome though.
Highly Recommended!

Tujo, Ascott KL

Went here for a lunch break, one thing I can say is more for the drinks and chill. The food was just okay... Nothing much I can shout.
It was just okay...

Yuzu, KLCC
I've tried the one in KLCC and the one in Gardens. I have no idea why they both serving the food quality at such a huge gap. I definitely love the KLCC one much better. It was flavourful and the lunch set was quite worth it.
Highly Recommended!

Aseana, KLCC
I've tried their cakes, pasta, coffee; all were just so-so. But the Fish and Chips was a bomb! I didn't take a picture of it, but the serving was quite huge and it was just scrumptious. My friend who came back from the UK, he said that the Fish and Chips in Aseana are better than many of the Fish and Chips in the UK.
Highly Recommended! for Fish & Chips only

Grizzly, Intermark KL

One of the places serving Mochatella. The coffee was good and I kinda like the concept where it was cozy but too bad it was kinda noisy as this place can be quite packed sometimes. And the sandwich was delicious too, the toast I mean.
Highly Recommended!

The Crusty Nest, SS15 Subang Jaya

This place serves the pie you need. The crust was crunchy enough, the fillings was generous and flavourful, and that's how I like it. The dessert pie I must say Apple Crumble is by far my fav.
Highly Recommended!

Very Sinful Mango Cheesecake, Purple Monkey Online

Their very sinful mango cheesecake was seasonal. The mangoes are sweeter than the Sinful Mango Cheesecake. The Very Sinful was just very unforgettable. It was so sweet and you can't get enough. The cheesecake was also not too cheesy, it was just at its point. The only downside was it is an online shop, and when I pick up from them, I've waited for like 20 mins which kinda pissed me off. I wish they can ave better service for this.
Highly Recommended! but the service can be improved.

Fuel Shack, KLCC

It was a Ramadhan month, and usually this place is having a super duper long queue which I always give up on the food. It was the first time I've tried, and it was superb! The patty was just oh-so-thick-and-juicy. I love the beef though.
Highly Recommended!


Monday, July 27

Colmar Tropicale, French Village Bukit Tinggi

Eat, Sleep, Work, Dance, Yoga, Coffee, Repeat. Once in awhile, travel, and that includes road trips and getaways. This pretty sums up my current life.

It was a week before the Raya break, thought of going to Bukit Tinggi to relax a bit, as there are too much of bad vibes in the city. So booked a room at the French Village itself and off we go.

I've seen many pictures around few years back, when the French village was still a hit. I wanted to go somewhere chill. Perhaps I put too much expectation to it. First of all, it was not as chill as Genting. Second, it was a really small town.

So brought my sweater and ready to wrap myself into a cocoon. Out of my expectation, it was still as hot as KL, slightly cooler perhaps. Then, checked in to hotel which is Colmar Tropicale itself.

Was very excited once reached there.

At the entrance itself...

There's white swans and black swans... I did not capture any pictures the black swans.

They do remind me of the movie Black Swan by Natalie Portman.

At the signature French Village bridge, which is also the entrance to the French Village (Colmar Tropicale). Collar Tropicale is actually a hotel. You can see from the pictures, the windows and balconies are actually hotel rooms.

Went up to a tower to have a view of the hill...

I forgot to capture the picture of our room. It was a huge room though for a RM200+/night. The deco wasn't too fancy, but it was huge.

I also forgot to take picture of the map. There are a few areas at Bukit Tinggi itself. A little background here. The French Village was actually Berjaya Hill. It is different from the outside world Bukit Tinggi where the residential were.

I went to Japanese Garden and French Village only. I did not go for Flying Fox, Pet Farm, Horse Riding, etc; as I don't find any interest of doing so. Add on to that, there was additional charge for the above.

Japanese Garden...

They do have live band at a scheduled time everyday. I do enjoy live band, very much. If only there is beer. Too bad I couldn't find any here. 

What was in this village was bakery, assorted chicken shop, pasta, Western, and Japanese. You don't really have much choices on food though. Perhaps the delivery of raw materials was pretty tough as it was a usual kind of hill road which was narrow and curvy (forgot what was that word, but never mind).

This pretty much sums up the trip. In my opinion, there was nothing much here. If you are looking for something interesting, this is definitely not a place for you. As I'm a pretty much a lazy person, I prefer trips which don't require much energy. Even myself also feel that a day trip is good enough. A night stay is for people who don't want to have an exhausting return trip.


Tuesday, July 7

Club Med, Cherating

It was a short getaway during the long weekend. Thank God I went during off peak period, when all of us were preparing to go to work, that's when my holiday started. How much I miss this trip. Enjoying the sea breeze, sun bathing, enjoy all the free flow cocktails, eat all you can, and do nothing basically.

It was my first Club Med experience, and I have no idea what to expect, all I know is most of the things are inclusive. So we took about 4 hours drive or less, couldn't really remember, from KL all the way to Cherating. And finally we reached... so hungry and exhausted but dinner is not ready yet, so we went around and go for noodle snack which opens during the non-peak hours for hungry monsters like us.

I didn't took any pictures of the dinner place, it was just usual buffet style dinner. On the first night itself, L told me I will get fat from the amount I eat. And he was right. I gained weight just only for a few days trip *see how easily I can gain weight*

The most anticipated part I wanted to go was the Zen Pool, where we can have the sea view at the pool. It was similar to all the infinity pool, just that usually are facing the city (like the famous Marina Bay Sands), but this was facing the sea.

Look at how fair I was when I just started sun bathing...

Forgot to mention that you can take the shuttle train to this Zen area within 5 mins, or walk within 15 mins. But this Zen pool is a quiet zone, and strictly for adults only. Therefore, it was easily to fell asleep while you are doing sun bathing.

Here is the waiting zone for the shuttle train...

My skin got X tones darker on the first day itself already.

And this Virgin Chi Chi is so damn good.. and after this we went back to our room for a rest before the dinner. As I said earlier, I literally did nothing except for resting, sleeping, and eating.

Lucky girl managed to capture this sunset moment from our balcony itself. It was beautiful... This was captured before our dinner time. 

In Club Med Cherating, they have two types of dinner, buffet style or fine dining. We wanted to go for the fine dining, but didn't knew you need to wake up early and book in advance on the morning itself. So we ended up at the buffet area and saw these kids were having board meetings, so cute right?

So the next day, I woke up early for the fine dining (Rembulan restaurant) reservation, and have their early breakfast, as the day before I went for their late breakfast which I don't have much choices already.

And got this view along the way from the room to the dining area.

Then took the shuttle train back to the Zen area to rest a bit.

And finally, we got to try their fine dine dinner, which I think is the best fine dining taste I've experienced so far. I still miss the food here. Every single piece taste so good, except for the dessert, which I don't quite fancy only. Others were PERFECT.

After the dinner, we had a short walk from the restaurant to the bar area. It was a quiet alley, just the two of us. It was nice but at the same time I was scared, as I'm scared of still dark water where you couldn't see what's in the water. And I have this phobia where there is some big creature in the water *got these illusions from horror movies*

Then we saw a kid went to the bar counter to order her drink, it was so cute. And then we realised there's kids menu. So, asked this guy to do the same, and the effect is so different. Look at the bartender didn't even want to care about him.

The nature view is so amazing here. Look at the moonlight reflection while we were walking back to our room. I'm still fascinated by the sceneries. 

After all the eating, sleeping, enjoying... it's time to head back and face the reality again.

This was light about 2 months back. How time flies. And I don't look the same anymore...