Monday, April 7

The Four Letter Word

I was inspired to write something lovely after watching this video. Finding love...

Love is a process, from knowing each other, having feelings towards each other, fall in love with each other, be together with each other, and be with that someone for the rest of your life.

"When you are in love, you are in love, it's not an off and on switch."

"When you publicly propose to somebody, it really inspires love all around."

I always envy those couples who met their first love since young, and be with each other for the rest of their lives. It is rare, but it does exist. And I know it's not gonna happen to me because I've dated a cheater. I'm not perfect, but I'm loyal.

Anyone can cheat. It's about discipline and commitment. 
It's a choice. You either make the right or the wrong one. 

I lost love, and found love again. I would like to keep this love and would want to spend my future with him. They say, to maintain a relationship is to fall in love with the same person over and over again... And the best kind of relationship is they are not only your lover, but your best friend too.

If you promise to stay, I promise to never leave.


Cafes I Heart (Part III)

Caffe Bene, Sunway Pyramid

I kinda love this cafe, but many have claim the ones in Korea are just incomparable. This is just nowhere near it. I have yet been to Korea, so it's fine for me. I love the Multigrain Latte. It's something different, and the waffle with walnut dough is just yums. Although it wasn't top of the world, but it's worth the try.

Miam Miam, 1 Utama

Many of my friends recommended me for their French Toast. I was too hungry, so I ordered their signature spaghetti and french toast. I don't really like them at all. Spaghetti was a little salty, and the french toast was kinda tasteless, felt more of like having flour. But I do like the egg, HAHA.

Jibby & Co, Empire Subang

The BEST one in this post. I seriously would have a comeback here. Three Layer Lasagna serves in beef, not sure if they have chicken flavour. Seriously yum! Everything was so perfect. They have this crunchy yet soft bread as the side dish, as well as i-have-no-idea what sauce it is, but it's PERFECTION. I did try their pizza as well, the taste was just nice. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Garage 51, Bandar Sunway

It was a big hype previously, not sure about now. I find it a little pricey for its portion, even though it's quite filling for a girl, but I would not come back for a second try again. I ordered their signature dish, which I have forgotten the name, I felt the food didn't serve it hot, as well as the texture of don't know what supposed to be crispy, instead it's more like soggy to me. But the taste was alright. And their Nutella drink was good, if you love chocolate milk. 

Amelio, Setiawalk Puchong

It opens till late. That's a plus point for those who crave for good food during the night. I guess it's a trend at Setiawalk? I'm not quite sure. There were a few cafes opened till late night there. I really love the bacon, it's so crispy and juicy. MAD LOVE! As for the carbonara, it wasn't much creamy for my liking. But for those who prefer less creamy, this would be a go for you.

Strato, Troika

This wasn't a cafe, it's more like a fine dining. But due to I don't go for fine dining much, so I just park this here. It was very disappointing for me, like SERIOUS DISAPPOINTMENT. The food was okay, it wasn't that bad, but for that price, I would expect something better than that. It didn't meet my expectation at all. And not only that, the view just sucks badly. We were facing some contraction view. Sigh big time. 


Tuesday, March 11

Only In Krabi: Day 2

It's so near to going back to reality. I don't want to face the reality, can? Well, that's impossible. So we went to the town today to get some souvenirs back. We took the bus to the town, as I don't want to spend so much on transportation, and also wanted to experience the bus.

The bus actually doesn't look like a normal bus. Instead, it's like a truck with cover and it's open air. Seriously, if you were in a rush, the bus is a no-no. They stop every second! OMG! It took us one and half hour to reach the town, and according to the receptionist at our hotel, it supposed to be 20 minutes ride. wtf =.=!

So it was a very rush day, as we booked a table at the restaurant where you can have a panoramic view of Krabi. We wanted to catch the sunset, therefore we shall be there around 5 plus at most.

We tend to give up on the way back, as we knew we couldn't make it anyway. Therefore, we just enjoy the sunset during the journey to the hilltop.

We thought it was some expensive restaurant, as it looks really expensive. So afraid that we couldn't afford to pay, as we don't have much cash left on hand. We were planning maybe order a drink and appetiser and go somewhere else for dinner.

However, out of our expectation, it was quite reasonable. We were so happy that we don't have to be pity little kitties

It's our last night here, so we wouldn't want to spend our last night at the hotel doing nothing. Oh... I forgot to mention, the first night we were drinking Chang beer and having street food, love we do it the ang mo way.

So tonight we need to save some energy, so we hit the bar and order buckets of Mai Tai. Yeah, they do it in bucket way. So each of us couldn't get enough of it. We ordered one for each of us.


Sunday, March 9

Only In Krabi: Day 1

We have no idea why this trip exists. Few months back, Teng asked me whether wanted to go Krabi with her or not, as she wanted to leave this hectic society for a bit. Never have a second thought, I agreed with her. And there goes our trip, while we were in the process of saving #sopoornow.

I've planned the itinerary for us using Trip Advisor as guideline, as I have no idea what Krabi has. And according to my friends, it has nothing! BLUFF ME! We somehow feel we need an extra day. But due to we making this a very short a budget trip, so forget about it =.=!

I'm quite impressed with our hotel, as it has the feel of Krabi, where you can really tell you are on an island or something. Here's the view from our hotel room.

It's so nice right? It's really out of the city. I got bored of the city and really love beach vacation. Anyhow I just want to relax, and get things out of my mind a bit.

Our hotel room basically looks like this. Perfect to chill.

There's this beach which is like five minutes walk from our hotel. I have no idea why Krabi beach's land area is so small, it's like you can barely fit everyone. This was my first kinda experience with beaches.

So we went for cruise on the first day. I was told it does snorkelling. As I have yet done snorkelling nor diving before, I really wanted to give a try. But somehow, my mind will have the stupid thought of sea monsters or snake-look-a-like creature in the water which really scares me a little. Or even chase by sharks. But I kinda forget every scary imagination when I got on to the cruise.

While I was in the water, I couldn't see anything in front of me, as the water was not clear enough, sea water. Then all of a sudden, there's this beautiful purple thing right in front of me. SCARE DIE ME!

I quickly retreat back to the yacht and not wanting to swim anymore. Teng couldn't stop laughing for that hour as she saw how shocked I was. She was on the cruise all the time, as she doesn't know how to swim. 

After that, I decided to join her, just for picture purpose and also sun bathing which makes me two tones darker now. Due to the sea breeze and sea water, I was shivering, as I did not prepare any towel on board wtf.

With 90% of the Ang Mos on the cruise. Basically in Krabi you can hardly see Asians around. I don't know why. Perhaps it's beach. They are mostly whites, unless you hit the town, that's where the locals are. 


Friday, February 28

Japanese Restaurant I Heart

Japanese restaurants usually open for lunch and dinner only, so there's no in between most of the time. These are the Japanese I've tried and kinda like most of them. I didn't take many pictures of them, as they all look the almost the same anyways...

Nihonkai, Sunway
My favourite Japanese restaurant, where they serve lunch and dinner set. I quite like the food here, as they are fresh with reasonable price. For Sashimi, it has to be fresh, else, no matter how much sauce you dip, it will still suck as well. I always order the Salmon Butteryaki dinner set which always result to unable to finish, as they are too many side dishes which also quite filling.

Sumo, Taipan USJ
Also one of my favourites. As they serve really fresh food. I love the sushi and also the California roll more from here. As they don't have much choices I like for the main dishes, due to I usually eat Soyu Ramen or Salmon Butteryaki only. Other than these, I will still stick to sushi.

Rakuzen, Empire Subang
It's another extend to Zanmai(s).  I don't quite like commercialised restaurants, as I kind of find them not as nice as those family business restaurants. Even though it was nice, but still there are some slight difference, and the price is a lot more expensive than the non-commercialised ones.

Kampachi, Jaya 33
It's more towards to the expensive end for Japanese restaurants. I heard a lot about it, and finally got a try for it. I only tried the beef in medium well. It was marinated, juicy, and tender. Perfection. I hardly find beef cooked till so perfect. Would come back here again for their beef, and perhaps can try out their sashimi too, heard it was thick and fresh.

Bonbori, Setiawalk Puchong
This is like Nihonkai or Sumo, which serves fresh and reasonable portion at a reasonable price. As always, I ordered Salmon Butteryaki, and also some sushi set. The set was quite filling though, and it gives a good service as well.

Kinpachi, SS17 Subang
I heard a lot of raves about this. But I don't find myself like the food here as much as they do. It's more towards to the expensive end. There are also not many choices. Perhaps it doesn't have what I wanted.

Zen, Sunway Pyramid
Was also another more toward to higher end Japanese restaurant. Their food can say is quite fresh as well. Haven't been there for some time. I'm not sure how does it taste now. But back then was good. If you like something fresh, you may come here for some delicious Sashimi.

Coco Tei, Kuala Lumpur
You may refer to here.


Tuesday, February 25

You Who Came From The Stars

Please don't start if you haven't. I was curious about this drama earlier, I thought what was the hype of it, then I tried to watch. I didn't know was this addictive. I don't really fancy dramas from Taiwan or Korea.

Therefore, the only drama I watched finished was Secret Garden back then. Even Fullhouse or Winter Sonata I didn't even watch so. Seriously, curiosity kills. But it did help me to kill my free time, and now sleeping time as well.


Monday, February 17

February 14th

It's Valentine's day as well as Chap Goh Meh, and some people will be vegetarian for this day, or TGIF. Since it's the 15th on Chinese calendar. Damn sad. I dislike vege, so whenever I think of vegetarian I feel really sad, and it's like a nightmare to me.

It's just a normal day for me on this day. Why? When you thought of the heavy congested traffic, crowded everywhere, then the service you got will be slower than usual coz it's fully booked everywhere, the food quality may drop, then you see everyone holding big bouquet of roses or presents and you got none. Thinking of all these, I can foresee will not be a happy person at the end of the day.

So went for a rom-com which my all-time-favourite genre. The saddest part about this movie was they censored all the funny parts which kinda frustrates me and wanting me to watch all over again with the uncensored version.

What I got for V-Day? Nothing... And yes,  I'm serious. Since many of my friends couldn't believe it.

So what I got for him?

Should have got myself something instead, at least I can treat myself better :D Lesson learnt, and I always repeat this mistake over the two and a half decade, "you should treat yourself better than treating others". Just kidding... I still believe in you are happier giving than receiving, even though there's disappointment.

This is a day to remind each other to appreciate each other more, and to show more love to your significant one. Treat him/her like he/she means the world to you, and vice versa.


Wednesday, February 12

Cafes I Heart (part II)

Have summarised part 1 here. After squeezing my brain juice, and browse through my pictures, I actually found out that I have tried out  many cafes in town. As mentioned, I really love the ambiance of a cafe, even though I rarely go these days, but still my love for it does not fade any bit.

Baci, Citta Mall
This is one of my favourite. Reasonable price, descent food, and location wise is good for me. They don't serve you like other cafes do, it's self service. I've tried a few things here, and I love all of them. Moreover, they are serving Lavazza coffee, which I think is one of the best Flat White.

Pickle & Fig, TTDI
The objective and the theme for this cafe was giving their customers a healthy diet? The meals are all very healthy and low fat, I can tell. But the price is kinda pricey for the portion. It's worth a try, but I would not come back. Perhaps it doesn't suit my taste bud well? If you are opt for clean eat, you may want to try this.

Levain, Kuala Lumpur
I've only been here once for a birthday celebration. It's a bungalow turning into a double storey cafe, where you can hardly find parking. I find it's a little overrated even though the food is slightly above average and the price is also reasonable. The pastry was good.

Espresso Lab, 1 Utama
They don't serve food here, but only coffee and cakes. I find that not all Espresso Lab serve the same cake. I'm a fan of Just Heavenly cakes. Their cakes are super moist and flavourful at the same time. But I only see 1 Utama serving Just Heavenly cakes in Espresso Lab, while others don't.

Caffeinees, Kuala Lumpur
I like the ambiance here, but the food to me is just alright only. It's also open air area,  it's like a backyard where they have live band, but I went there fore several times, and none of the times I went is having live band. #saddieme

Dave's Deli
I used to come here when I was younger. The food was perfect for hungry monsters, as the price is quite reasonable as well. It's self service, and they are having promotion for weekdays 12-3pm with 30% off. So it's quite a bargain. I love the sandwiches here a lot where they put generous amount of cheese. Super yummy!

Acme Bar & Coffee, Troika Kuala Lumpur
I love the place here, looks very chilling, very atas (high class), so does the price too. I came here for my farewell because I was really excited about the Sizzling Brownie. To be honest, for me, I would have come back for the brownie and nothing else. The food does not suit my taste bud at all. But the brownie is like melted from heaven. #nojoke

pic credits to

Alexis, The Gardens Mall
Always go for their signature Tiramisu. I will always go to Serai for Pavlova and Alexis for Tiramisu. Never tried their main dish before, but only tea and cake.

B.I.G (The Big Group), Publika
Comparing Plan B, The Bee, and B.I.G, even though they were all under the same corp; somehow I feel B.I.G was the best among all. I used to like The Bee and Plan B, but their quality somehow drop a little, it wasn't as nice as before. Tried Plan B the other day for my favourite Egg Benedict, it somehow taste a little weird. It's like the egg is not that fresh or something. I don't know.


Monday, February 10

Coco Tei and Marini 57

I've heard a lot about it, but I never been there  before and always wanted to go. It's located at KLCC and you need to take a super slow lift to go up to the 57th floor.

On Anne's birthday, we have decided to go Marini for a drink after our meal at Coco Tei. This was all planned by her boyfriend. I never got anyone well planned for me for any special occasions before, and had no idea how it feels like. But according to a friend, she said that it's always full of surprises and you never know how well it will turned out. And you will have to leave some tips for him beforehand so that he is aware of it, if he pays attention to the details of what you are saying. #girltip

Coco Tei is a Japanese fine dining located near Levain and Renoma Cafe. I still couldn't appreciate fine dining much, as I feel not worth it for a small portion with a huge amount. Honestly, the meal was quite descent, somehow I'm still a loyal fan of Nihonkai.

Ordering my usually favourite, Salmon Butteryaki with additional a bowl of rice. See the portion, so small right? That's what we call fine dining. Eat like you are not a hungry monster.

Then we were moved on to Marini 57. We were all excited about it, as this is the first time for most of us. Somehow we got really tired in between #signofaging. 

There were 3 sections: the restaurant, the lounge, and the bar. We chose the bar. It was so crowded inside and it's really like a bar with music. But it was too noisy for us. We chose to go to the open air area where it's really quiet and just chill. Thank God that night was not too hot. There's cool breeze  just perfect for everything.

See the KLCC is like beside of us.


Monday, February 3

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

I have yet have a downtime from eating since the beginning of December (makan trip to Ipoh, wedding dinner at Penang, getaway in Singapore). Chinese New Year a.k.a Get Fat Season. My resolution was build abs flatten tummy. But it seems like a super tough job. I can't stop eating. Food is everywhere! Stupid mouth could not resist the temptation.

CNY is always full of cookies, dried meat, mandarin oranges, sugared packet drinks at the living hall; eat like there-is-no-tomorrow-meal; gamble (but it doesn't really happen in my family culture); watch all the CNY movies on TV; sleep all you can, etc. How not to get fat like that!!!

Seriously, besides travelling, hunt for good food eating was also my hobby. Expensive and fattening hobby. They say you should not date a girl who travels. Sigh...

What I like about CNY the most is not about eating, it's about getting everyone in the family together. There are not many chances where everyone can eat on the same table together, as the family tree is not that small, and everyone is located at different states. Therefore, only when someone's wedding or CNY, that's when all of us getogether.

I guess my dad miss the good old days. He bought us firecrackers to get more CNY feel of it.

 Not to forget, we gather ourselves, so does the doggies. They were so sticky, like three little pigs. It's just so cute watching them getting along and running around with each other. Until they simply pee... =.=!


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